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Innovator in health systems, tech and partnerships to improve wellness.

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Dr. Jay Bhatt's innovative initiatives have improved health outcomes in cities and communities; helped hospitals deliver safer, smarter and better care; and made physicians, clinicians and nurses more skilled and responsive to patients.

About Dr. Jay Bhatt

Jay Bhatt, D.O., MPH, MPA, FACP is a physician executive, internist, geriatrician, public health innovator and widely quoted expert on healthcare transformation and improving healthcare outcomes.

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Dr. Jay Bhatt's Consulting Practice

Dr. Jay Bhatt provides advisory services, coaching, trainings, and workshops with strategies into developing effective solutions to advance public health, health equity, and healthcare delivery that can improve performance and deliver impact.

A Compelling Speaker on Health Innovation

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In media interviews, speeches and workshops, Dr. Jay Bhatt demonstrates the power of combining a doctor’s insight, innovative technology and community action.

Dr. Jay has advanced the public debate over health equity and inclusion, with real-world insight into how everyone can reach their highest potential for health.

Jay’s Blog

Dr. Jay Bhatt explains and discusses issues in public health, healthcare technology and innovation, social determinants of care, community health and the caregivers of the future.

Dr. Jay wants to partner with you to achieve your goals.