Dr. Jay Bhatt’s Consulting Practice

Dr. Jay Bhatt provides advisory services, coaching, trainings, and workshops with strategies into developing effective solutions to advance public health, health equity, and healthcare delivery that can improve performance and deliver impact.

Developing leadership and teams

  • Using human centered design
  • Hardwiring necessary processes to achieve operational goals
  • Simplifying complex structures and processes
  • Organizing teams to deliver the best health outcomes
  • Implementing public narrative as a leadership practice
  • Translating ideas into action

Improving health system delivery models

  • Incorporating social determinants of health
  • Improving quality and safety
  • Addressing health equity
  • Leveraging Medicaid and Medicare Advantage
  • Working with nontraditional partners and primary care practices

Innovating public health practices and preparedness

  • Developing and implementing a city or statewide public health agenda
  • Using data to redesign public health core functions
  • Working with health systems and other stakeholders to improve population health

Using technology to improve population health

  • Using technology tools to advance public health
  • Developing a core population health strategy
  • Incorporating population health across the delivery system
  • Using analytics to inform population health strategy

Dr. Jay wants to partner with you to achieve your goals.